Love people whether or not you understand them.

I didn’t expect strangers to know that I’ve been through the most intense year of my life and am making choices that say, “Life is short. Quit waiting to do things you’ve always wanted to do and enjoy your life,” but I did hope for more.

I have had some really eye-opening experiences in the past few months and I forgive every sweet soul that has rushed to judgment because they didn’t know any better.

Social experiment: dye your hair purple and express yourself with tattoos in a very conservative community. Result: literally, adults gawking in every setting except one which I will address in a minute. One woman took pictures of me at DSW yesterday without as much as an acknowledgment of my eye contact and smile. Standing in line to vote last month: (I have always been the person other people talked to and asked questions–is a pumpkin a vegetable or a fruit? for example) yet, not one question or comment in a 30 minute wait for the first time in many years of standing in line next to other humans.

The exception: people that know and love me, my students, colleagues, neighbors, and my children. I love you all and pray that you will continue to extend grace to others in the measure it has been granted to you.

We do not see things clearly on this earth, which is all the more reason not to evaluate anyone on the basis of their appearance or outward choices that you may not have any basis to understand. We see through a glass darkly, so just love people. Just love people.

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